The wisdom of elderlies brought together by digital tools for the new generations as a solution and direction towards a better future.

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The Story

"For thousands of years, people of Sahara Desert believed that all wisdom of the elderly and the guidance towards a better future; both had been holden in a mystical book called Ānhi. For years the search for Ānhi the legend continued in the golden heart of Africa, a word of future and guaranteed salvation as they moved deeper into the heart of the desert and furthered the sands of time. Today, a new Ānhi sheds light on Africa, Ānhi the modern quest of guidance for the sought transformation and instruction towards a better tomorrow."

Ānhi, the legend continues in the golden heart of Africa.

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Ānhi is an innovative enterprise ..

.. working to implement a nation's dream, investing in the future to make the digital transformation a reality across the continent. As the age of technology and digitalization merges, Ānhi -the promised light- eases this transformation, using technology to build new bridges and create new paths, paving the way to a better future.

The Paths

Ānhi OÜ specialities in providing modern solutions and services needed to enable the digitalization process.

  • Transformation Consultancy

    Enabling you to transform your company/services through consultancy sessions to develop tailored systems and internalized digital structure.

  • Data science

    Access a team of professional and experts in data science to use scientific methods and processes to extract insights from data and strategize.

  • Tech Solutions

    Building and developing web and mobile solutions with an excellent user interface and experiences.

  • Media Solutions

    Utilizing expertise in creating digital marketing strategies and solutions to help you connect better through technology includes various services and mediums.

  • Human Development

    Building capacities within your company to transform a digital structure through training, coaching, and consultancy.

  • Information Security

    Securing the digital transformation through developing policies, software deployments and capacity building.

Expertise to guide your transformation journey

Our Clients

Anhi's pleased to have worked with different clients on various fields providing high quality services one step towards a better future.

"Ānhi OÜ is a candid approach to facilitate the digital transformation, providing simple but effective innovative solutions changing the services and the mindset."

Amged B. Shwehdy